MIS shares the love for looking good & feeling good with other women and helps them express their personality in accordance to their lifestyle through the way they dress.

Shopping, putting together outfits and dressing up should be all about fun and the result should be the admiration of family, friends, coworkers and even strangers.  But the best result should be the magic moment when you look in the mirror and really “see” yourself! 

MIS coaches women of all ages about personal styling and teaches them how to select an outfit based on their shape, size, personality, budget and life style.  In addition, MIS provides services to help women organize and declutter their closets and incorporate new elements to their wardrobe that will characterize their personalities. Keeping in mind the clients’ budget, MIS helps them find the attire they need to transform and customize their wardrobe.  MIS coaches women so they can continue selecting their outfits on their own.  They are given the organizational and fashion tools they need to help them look fabulous and confident every day for every occasion. 

MIS’ main goal is to help women feel comfortable and confident about themselves and the outfits they wear every day.

Whether you are in search of a new look or you have an event, date or interview coming up and you want to impress; MIS will be able to help you look your best.  Contact MIS and find A New You!

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