Meet Diana

PP1  Hi everyone!

 I’m Diana Bryant, an Image/Style Specialist and Motivational Speaker based in New York City.  I have a degree in Psychology and a seasoned knowledge of fashion and style.  My passion is to help people improve in all the areas of their lives; from managing their home, time and stress all the way to managing their personal image, style and health!
I live in the big apple with my husband Chris (who also happens to be my photographer) and my three little dogs (Charlie, Fluffy and Stevie) ~ you will see their little happy faces on my Instagram account. 
Other facts about me…
I Love: My family, my puppies, my followers and clients, helping others, NYC, flea markets, style, music, art, reading, learning, traveling, playing with colors & textures, and everything related to life!
I am the founder of: Manhattan Image & Style (MIS).  You can learn more about MIS here.
About my blog:
 In my search for combining my passion for helping others and my knowledge in psychology and fashion/style, I founded MIS. But just coaching people on a one-on-one basis wasn’t enough, so I decided to start a blog where I can share with everyone things that I have learned from my degree and over my years of experience. The purpose of my blog is to bring inspiration and share practical life and fashion tips with everyone.  In my blog, you will be able to find daily inspiration and tips about fashion, style, beauty, health, home creativity and more.  In the end, what is the purpose of learning if you don’t share it right? 😉
There are two sections to my blog; one is focused on my daily outfits where I share my daily wardrobe ideas and fashion tips.  The second section is life tips-inspirationwhere I share practical tips about general life topics. 
My blog is a little something from my life to yours! I hope you find it useful and inspiring!
Thank you so much for reading!


27 thoughts on “Meet Diana

  1. Thank you for your kind words! Warmer weather (and hopefully some of my spring outfits!) will bring the inspiration you need to update your wardrobe. =) If some day you are in New York or I am in Germany we should meet… in the mean time, we can share our best practices through blogging. 😉

  2. Hi Diana, thanks for liking my post ‘Making Life Work”. I love your style and I adore your city. I have taken many a trip it NYC but sadly haven’t been there for a couple of years – I miss it so much, it feels like my second home. Hope to get there soon.

  3. I love your “pink jeans” idea, that’s so fun. I am sending a very belated THANK YOU! for liking my post/poem First Born Child. I look forward to reading more of your ideas and inspirations; you make it all seem easy and comfortable, helping all women of all types. Keep up the great work and best success to you.

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